Welcome to LALO - The Location Watcher

This application allows you to track your daily locations through your mobile device GPS facility.

In order to use it, you must download an agent application (available for Android 2.3+ devices). When you have downloaded and installed the mentioned Android application available from this location, please follow these instructions:

  1. Please start the agent application and register your Android device in LALO service, using the artificial identifier shown by the application (the second text field). Register the device using Menu → Devices → Create Device after you log into the system.
    Remark: The ID has to be unique across the system, thus we strongly encourage you to use device ID number available from our Android application, but if necessary, you can modify the device number on your own.
  2. When the device is registered in the LALO service, please take the generated Device Token value and enter in the agent application (into the third text field).
  3. Enter your preferred settings related to recording granularity in the agent application, save them.
  4. Start Location Watcher and enjoy its functionality.

In order to get an individual user account, please contact us by contact form.